26/07/2016 News

Next 27th July 2016, The National Hydrogen Center, CNH2, will hold at its facilities a new workshop within Cycle of Conferences “Experiences on Hydrogen Technology Applications” organised by the UCC+i-CNH2.

According to the overall aim of showing and improving in different sectors the use and applications of hydrogen technologies and fuel cells, next 27th July 2016, the CNH2 will organise a new conference belonging to Cycle of Conferences “Experiences on Hydrogen Technology Applications”, activity carries out within UCC+i-CNH2 Annual Program, funding by FECYT-MINECO.

In this opportunity, the conference will start with the participation of Mr. Fernando Palacín, Director of Foundation for the development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon, who will carry out a presentation titled: “Participation of Spanish entities in European Projects: Opportunities and success cases”.

In addition, Mrs. Gema Alcalde from CNH2 will make a presentation about European Project named HYACINTH, funded by Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU).

The scientific and technical conference of dissemination will be held at 12:30 h next 27th July 2016 at CNH2 facilities, the conference will be opened to general public. Those interested in attending, please sending an e-mail with your personal data to: divulgah2@cnh2.es or calling to the phone number: +34 926 420 682 (until the capacity of the room will be reached).

Title of Conference: “Participation of Spanish entities in European Projects: Opportunities and success cases”
Speakers: Mr. Fernando Palacín y Mrs. Gema Alcalde.
Date: 27th July 2016.
Hour: 12:30 h.
Place: Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno. Prolongación Fernando el Santo, s/n. Puertollano.


Activity carries out within UCC+i-CNH2 2016 Program, funding by FECYT-MINECO