The HYACINTH research approach is based upon the methodologies applied by other projects. The central methodologies used to collect the necessary information to understand the acceptance process and develop the management toolbox will be:

  • Analysis of the visibility of hydrogen energy and FCH technologies in society (desktop research and expert interviews)
  • Interviews on awareness of FCH technologies in the general public (qualitative interviews)
  • Interviews on acceptance of hydrogen energy in the general public (qualitative and quantitative interviews)
  • Interviews on hydrogen energy and FCH technology acceptance at selected stakeholders





The social research on awareness and acceptance of hydrogen energy and FCH technologies will be based upon interviews with up to 7,000 European citizens and up to 455 selected stakeholders.

The evaluation of the interviews will generate the theoretical knowledge on the state of awareness and acceptance as well as on the influencing factors to the acceptance process that will be transferred to the applied knowledge of the management toolbox to be developed in HYACINTH.

The interviews will be partly quantitative and partly qualitative interviews in order to consider and include new insights and unknown influencing factors to general public and stakeholder acceptance while providing a representative outlook on the state of awareness and acceptance as well as identifying main issues to be considered in managing the acceptance process.